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Kloena Digital is a multimedia company that focuses on visual technology and graphics design. Our main goal is to nurture creative talents and provide them a platform to develop and showcase their skills.
The word “Kloena” comes from the homophone “Cornea”, which is the front part of our eye that refracts light into the pupil – a very important part of the eye that enables us to see the surrounding environment. The eye is the most important tool for a designer, it allows us to observe forms, identify colors, and analyse compositions.
We provide training, consultation and outsourcing work related to graphics design, motion pictures, photography, web contents and technology development. We have also recently launched an asset store to help developers to shorten their development time. Check it out here.

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If you want to contact us for other matters such as business opportunity, collaboration, sponsorship, job inquiries, etc. you can send us an e-mail at support@kloena.com
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