In this short course, trainees will learn how to create desktop and mobile applications using the industry acclaim development suite known as Qt Creator. This course is perfectly suited for absolute beginners who had no prior experience working with Qt Creator or writing a single line of C++ and QML code.
Through step-by-step guidance and fun assignments, trainees will be able to master the basic knowledge and get started creating simple applications without any problem. Instead of using trial-and-error method to solve common problems, trainees will be able to get the direct answer to solve these problems from the experienced trainer.
Below are some of the topics that will be covered throughout the short course. These topics enable the trainee to be well-equipped for entering the software industry.

Course Outline

  • Tools installation
  • Project setup
  • Build your first “Hello World!” application
  • C++ 101 – Program structure & compound data types
  • User interface design with Qt Designer
  • Fundamentals of Qt C++ modules & classes
  • Creating and using external C++ libraries
  • Introduction to Qt Quick & QML
  • In-depth overview of Qt Quick modules & QML types
  • Cross-platform development & deployment for PC & mobile platforms