QML Login Form Template Released

Today we have released our first template for QML! This template is basically a login form that uses only vanilla QML code. We do understand that most developers hate using add-ons or custom widgets that other people made because it’s prone to give problems in the future if the widget designer decided not to provide any support for future versions of Qt. This would mean a total disaster for the app developer especially if the widget source code is not available.
Why you should get this template:

  • Beautiful, modern design
  • Easily modifiable via text editor or Qt Quick Designer
  • Uses only built-in QML-types, NOT using any add-ons or custom types
  • Works on both PC and mobile platforms
  • Works well on both landscape and portrait orientations
  • Supports High DPI Scaling (need to set the sizeMultiplier property, see FAQ below)
  • Items are properly exported as alias properties, ready to be used by other QML scripts
  • Buttons changes its color when pressed/clicked (color can be changed)
  • Mouse over buttons or text inputs will trigger cursor change (only for PC)

Our designers at Kloena Digital have chosen to write purely in vanilla QML code so that not only it is functional but also easily modifiable by our customers to fit their own needs. Furthermore, our designers also chosen a modern design which not only look beautiful and elegant but also adheres to the latest design trend. The powerful Qt Quick provides us with an easy way to create cross-platform, design-oriented graphical user interface that simply works out-of-the-box, which is why it is the best tool you can ever expect to use for developing cross-platform apps and we highly recommend it to everyone.
This QML template works flawlessly on different screen sizes, orientations and resolutions. It even works nicely on high DPI screens without putting any effort into it. Below are some of the example screenshots we took running the template on different types of devices:
Windows/Mac/Linux/BSD/iPad/Android Tablet/Windows Tablet:

Android Phone/iPhone/Windows Phone:

For more information, please head over to the product page.

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