Networking Setup for Sinohydro Corporation


We helped Sinohydro Corporation to set up their new office’s networking system and wireless access points. We helped to set up networking cable, configure firewall, network switches, VPN and file server.


“Cashin” Point-of-Sales System

“Cashin” 销售点系统

We have developed a Point-of-Sales system that best suited for small and medium size merchants to manage their sales. Additionally, we also provide membership portal and WeChat integration for clients who needed the features.


“Pointrack” Fleet Management System

“Pointrack” 车队管理系统

Pointrack is a vehicle tracking cum fleet management system that helps transport company and car leasing company to monitor their assets and drivers behavior.


Scholarship Registration Form for Yek Min Ek Foundation


We have built a registration form for outstanding students to register for scholarships given out by the Yek Min Ek Foundation. This online form makes the process easier and allows students outside of Bintulu to get access to it as well. You can check out their website at


DNA Sports Event Portal

DNA Sports 主页

DNA Sports is an event management company that focuses on sports event. We were tasked to build the website and registration form that integrates with an online payment system. This makes the registration and payment faster, easier and safer. So far, almost 20 events have used our system with great satisfaction. You can check out their web page at

DNA Sports是一个以主办运动类活动为主的公司。我们为他们量身定做了一套网上活动申请表格及网上付款系统。这让活动申请的程序更加的简单,快速和安全。目前我们的系统已被用于大约20项运动类活动。网址:

Augmented Reality App for Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park


We were tasked to create an augmented reality app for China’s Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park. The app displays a 3D animation whenever the phone camera is pointing at the entrance ticket or at the wall painting.


Augmented Reality App for Odeon Cinema


It’s been a great honor for us to be involved in creating a Augmented Reality app that revives the olden day look of the Odeon Cinema in Penang. Visitor can take a 360 degree view of the virtual Odeon Cinema by rotating the iPad that runs the app. The project is intended for preserving the history of this cinema for the younger generations.


Virtual Reality Project for Amazing World Studios

Amazing World Studios 的虚拟现实项目

We were lucky to be able to take part in developing a Virtual Reality app for the Happy World Studios in Penang that works really well with the Oculus Rift headset. Through this app, visitors will be able to ride virtual roller coaster and experience the futuristic sci-fi version of Penang.

我们为马来西亚槟城的Happy World Studios开发了一款虚拟现实的3D程序。游客只要戴上Oculus Rift虚拟现实眼镜,就能乘搭虚拟云霄飞车穿梭于科幻版本的槟城。

Event App for Astro Go Beyond

Astro Go Beyond现场活动APP

We were asked to develop an app that runs on an iPad which is intended to be used by the Astro staffs to carry out Quiz Game event. The app will display a random TV program icon which leads to a question related to that particular program, of which the quiz participants have to answer correctly to get prizes.

我们专门帮Astro Go Beyond量身定做了一款能随机选择问答题的APP,以让Astro活动司仪能在活动现场顺利的考验参赛者。

Origami 3D for Kids


We helped Studio BTB to develop an educational app that teaches small kids how to fold different types of origamis from scratch.

我们帮助Studio BTB制作了一款以教学儿童关于折纸手工的APP。

Mini Game for Naturel


We helped Naturel brand of cooking oil to produce a mini game for their marketing event.


Intro Animation for Car Sharing Service


We created 2 intro animations for an unannounced car sharing service similar to UBER and GRAB. We were in-charge of drafting the storyline, planning storyboard, voice acting, graphics design and finally put everything together into an intuitive animation.


ISANI Facial Bar Homepage


We were tasked to build a homepage for the ISANI brand of facial bar product. The website supports 2 different languages (English & Chinese) and has an integrated online shopping cart system with it. You can check out the web page at

依莎泥是一间代理皮肤保健皂的公司。 网址:

Troubled Tropical: Treasure Breaker


This is a pong-like mobile mini game we developed with our project partner. Players need to react quickly in-order to push the skull into the right direction to break all the expensive treasures.


Older Portfolio


These are some of the older stuff we did. Old but gold.