Augmented Reality

Interactive Multimedia

Odeon Cinema Penang

We developed an augmented reality application for Odeon Cinema in Penang which has been converted into a museum. Our AR application shows visitors how the cinema used to look like in the 50s using real-time 360 degree view. User can rotate the iPad and get a clear view of the entire cinema. To make it even more realistic, we even show an old movie on the virtual cinema screen. In this project, we were in-charge of the programming and all other technical works.

Laohutan Ocean Park

We helped develop an augmented reality app for Laohutan Ocean Park, which is an ocean amusement park located in Dalian city, China. Visitors can use the app to scan their entrance tickets or mural arts around the park to see fully animated animals appearing on the screen. We in-charged of building the app from scratch.