Types of services we offer

Cloud Solutions

We provide various types of cloud solutions for big corporations and SMEs alike. By empowering cloud technologies, you can fully focus on your business operations rather than the infrastructure and technical problems. It helps to automate part of your business and allows it to scale without investing significant cost.

App Development

We provide custom application development services for customers who can’t find any solution through existing products. We are capable of developing mobile apps, desktop applications, web apps, business suite, backend applications, etc. for your needs.

Interactive Multimedia

We have experience in developing interactive contents for our clients, including marketing games, virtual reality application, augmented reality app, mobile games and so on. Interactive media allows the target audience to interact with the marketer and immerse into your marketing content.

Embedded Systems

We started venturing into hardware integration when we notice the increasing popularity of embedded development boards, such as arduino and raspberry pi. This allows us to develop embedded systems with lower cost and greater efficiency. We are capable of solving our client’s problem by combining both hardware design and software integration.